Vicul Salon will be Held at 18:00 of Sep. 10

The sixth Vicul Salon will be held at 18:00 of Sep. 10th. The famous scholar from Institute of Security  and Development Policy (ISDP) will present his research results and communicate with interesting people for about two hours. 

Vicul Salon is held by Nordic Chinese Culture Assocaiton and named by Vicul Culture Exchange AB.

Free entrence and welcome if you are interesting in that area.

Topic: The study of international relations for China

Time: at 18:00 of Sep. 10, 2014

Address: Insititute of International relations in the Stockholm University. 

NCCA named from Yeqiu

NCCA will be born on the Feb. 23, 2013 after three years old of Yeqiu Chinese cultue disseminators association.

NCCA is the logo of Nordic Chinese Culture Association, which is updated from Yeqiu Chinese culture disseminators association.

Yeqiu Chinese culture disseminators association was built in Sundsavall on the Apr. 22, 2010. At first, the association only focused on the face to face Chinese teaching for local Chinese people by volunteers. After one year, the assoicaiton has about 70 more volunteers, who taught Chinese for about 30 more local students inclding Chinese kids, more and more culture activities were also organized.

 The board of Yeqiu was moved to Stockholm on the Jun. 1, 2011. from that time, the association was developed with 120 more volunteers and can bear bigger activities such as tibet gallery in So stocholm, more and more people to follow with interesting, more and more people to join with hand, and also more and more friends is giving us support and help.

The new board of Yeqiu was voted in the last week and the name was changed also to NCCA for more focusing on servicing Nordic kids and youth to experience Chinese through fun and interesting culture exchange activities. Now, the association has more and more local kids and youth to join and share their enthusiasm each other.

The forum of EU-China Cultural Exchange and Youth Development will be Hold

The starting time is at pm2:00-5:00 of Aug. 17, 2014.

The assdress is Svante Arrhenius väg 16C, Frescati, Stockholms University, 114 18 Stockholm, Sweden

Topics: Innovation and Development of EU-China Cultural Exchange and The Youth Actions of EU-China Cultural Exchange.

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The new board was voted

The new board was voted this week when NCCA named from Yeqiu. Wei Li was the new board chairman. She will lead the assocation to new future in the next three years.