The First EU-China Cultural Exchange and Youth Cooperation Forum was Held Sucessfully in Stockholm

The August of Stockholm is indeed the most pleasant. It always feels so fresh after the shower rain in summer. It is our great pleasure to host the ''EU-China Cultural Exchange and Youth Cooperation Forum''.

First, Wei Li, the Chairman of 'Nordic Chinese Culture Association' and currently a PhD student of Electrical Engineering at Royal Institute of Technology; and Miss Sofia He, the president of 'Sweden-China Sustainable Design Association', hosted this feast of culture and idea exchange with 11 special guests.

Then Hosts introduced the 'ScandinaviaMeetsChina'. It originated from a flute concern of Swedish and Chinese musicians hosted by 'Vicul Culture Exchnage AB' in the year of 2013, which soon becomes one of the greatest channel for culture exchange between China and Scandinavia. The collaborated project with 'Yabroad': 'being a culture ambassador at China' has attracted more than 30 young Swedish young people to China, and communicate with more than 2000 local students and citizens.

Continued, hosts with a great honour to introduce all guest, they are Mr. Zhu Yuhua, the Chairman of Italian Federation of Chinese Entrepreneurs; Mr. Zhu Xiaodong, the first Chinese to acquire a football club outside China; Miss Crystal Wu, the director of Swedish Youth Association for the Blind; Dr. Cheng Xin, the founder of Nordic Chinese Culture Association; Mr Han Guang, the Chairman of Chinese Union at Stockholm University. The host is Miss Sofia He. They together all together to talk about the cultural exchange knowledge and experience in their areas, discuss the feasible and practical means for continuously developing the forum, and conclude the proposed innovative ideas. For the second topic, Prof. Ian Richardson, who is the director of Executive Education of Business School at Stockholm University and also an expert in public politics and national brand; Miss Chen Meng, the president of 'Chinese student union at Stockholm School of Economics'; Mr Ge xi from Belgium, who gets the Erasmus scholarship for the research in Globalization and EU Integration; Mr Joakim Skold, who is an engineering student from Linnaeus university and did exchange study in China; Miss Joceline Lu, who was selected as a youth representative for the forum. The host is Miss Li Wei. With the dramatic development of cultural exchange between Europe and China, they will re-think the achievements and experiences gained so far, the importance of youth exchange for public communication and national image. They will also discuss and try to propose effective mechanisms and methods to inspire more young people to participate in and to lead cultural exchange in order to enhance the mutual understanding, economic development and political civilization.

Today's forum was a feast of ideas and communication. This dialogue is so important for the Europe-China communication in terms of political mutual trust, economic and trade contact. Dialogues are helpful for mutual understanding among people, especially for the youth. We hope to continue this dialogue, because not only it benefits the EU-China youth for cultural exchange, EU-China economic and political development, but also contributes to the continuous friendship and communication between Europe and China.

"We are going to organize all the guest speeches and videos to make a proceeding of "EU-China cultural exchange and the youth cooperation" and send it to the corresponding organizations and specialists to expand its influence. Additionally, we will preserve this forum, and cooperate with more social organizations and enterprises to make the forum as a regular event. " the Host sayed.

"Recalling the forum, we were inspired by Dr Ian for his statement that "The public politics and national images(brand) should start from the youth communication". The program of "Cultural Ambassador to China" presented by Mr.Cheng Xin is definitely a great innovation for cultural communication. We also could not forget the contribution made by Mr. Zhu Xiaodong for China sports. Besides, Miss Crystal Wu's persistence and great achievements in sport and music impressed us deeply. There were so many unforgettable moments, but we could not recall all of them. At last but not least, let's end the forum with one sentence from Miss Joceline: "To continuously improve the EU-China cultural exchange is a journey and I believe that the starting point should be targeting the youth generation." The Host said.