Nordic Chinese Culture Association: STATUTES


Chapter I     General Provisions

Article 1       The association’s name is updated from “YeQiu Chinese Culture Disseminators Association”. Now the association named as Nordic Chinese Culture Association, abbreviation is ”NCCA”.

Article 2       The association is composed of members at all levels, which are registered and have membership. All members are volunteers to culture exchange between Chinese and Nordic area. The association accepts various forms of voluntary donation.

Article 3       The association focuses on promoting the Chinese culture disseminating in the Nordic and enhancing cultural exchange with other cultures in the world.

Article 4       The original assets of the association are 108,000SEK from the sponsor.

Article 5      The Council office of association is located in Stockholm, Sweden. The association owns the two networks of ”http// and http//”.


Chapter II    Mainly Proposes

Article 6      Mainly proposes of the association include

(a)     To organize regular talks or activities to disseminate Chinese culture and culture exchange with other cultures;

(b)     Voluntary Chinese language education abroad;

(c)     To operate ”http// and http//”;

(d)     To study how to disseminate Chinese culture abroad and how to culture exchange;

(e)     Other relevant work permitted by the association.