Yeqiu Chinese Culture Disseminators Association (abbreviation YCCDA, now has been named Nordic Chinese Culture Association, its logo is NCCA) was established on April 22, 2009. In August of the same year, YCCDA formally submitted an application for registration, and in October 2009, YCCDA registered as a non-profit organization. 
"Do our best to practice the spirit of volunteerism, to disseminate Chinese culture and promote cultural exchange in Nordic" is for the purposes of NCCA and the Association of spirit to attract Chinese culture dissemination of volunteers and Chinese teaching volunteer, not only to the world outstanding Chinese history and culture, but also concerned about the the vibrant contemporary Chinese culture and to explore the future direction of the Chinese culture.
will be based on civil society, built on the public welfare cultural transmission style with the Confucius Institute Chinese schools and all levels of government and non-governmental level cultural exchange activities, is an important way to exchange multi-culture with her culture strategic value and world significance.
After nearly three years operation, NCCA has initially established a multinational management structure and network platform, Chinese teaching system is also becoming very efficient. As of January 25, 2013, the Association are 128 members, consultants and other volunteers to teach Chinese for more than 60 students, the actual teaching hours over 3000 hours, organized jointly theme of cultural dissemination activities for the past 50 sessions, and signed more than 10 cooperation agreements and informal cooperation organization, located in Sweden, the United States, the Netherlands, Malaysia and mainland China. Association as a whole, is also actively involved in the activities of other nonprofit associations, the Association has joined Sweden Chinese Association, the World Society for Chinese Language Teaching, Sweden Student Union, and is applying to become an agency of the "One Foundation" members. 

        Revival of Chinese culture to the world, not only need the earnest hopes, more needs real support and practical actions. NCCA truly hope that the Chinese culture through its own efforts to continue to nourish and development in the system of world civilization.