The Protocol to donation was built between NCCA and the donated Member, if you will donate, you have the right based on the articles of association, include of enjoying the priority and distinguished members and volunteers of the Association for Service. The operation and management of the Association's funds performed in strict accordance with the constitution of the association, the management system and financial management system. The Association for International Accounting Standards will regularly publish financial reports and occasional financial audit commissioned a professional accounting firm.
"Nordic Chinese cultural Association donation plan" is sponsored by NCCA to carry out overseas Chinese culture propagation of fund-raising plans, NCCA advocated concern for and support of the Chinese culture overseas dissemination career of people to make a donation, help per week per person volunteer Chinese education carried out by NCCA for Chinese children and other foreigners who need to learn Chinese and Chinese culture overseas broadcasting industry. All donations entering the NCCA's accounts, financial transparency, and published periodically. NCCA sincerely invite the joint supervision of the society and the media.

Bank transfer to:

SEK donation account:
Recipient: YeQiu Chinese Culture Disseminators Association
SEK Bank: Swedbank
SEK account :8420-2, 914506188-4

Foreign currency donations account:
Foreign Currency Account Unit (Account Name): YeQiu Chinese Culture Disseminators Association
Foreign Bank (Bank Name): Swedbank
IBAN: SE90 8000 0842 0291 4506 1884
Swift Code (bankens BIC): SWEDSESS

The plan looks forward to care for and support the dissemination of Chinese culture overseas people to actively participate in, for others and for themselves, a little force, offer them a love. Just do it! "The NCCA Donation Program" waiting for your participation.


The donations pay attention, do not believe that any donations from an individual.